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Principal Designer and CDM Adviser

The Principal Designer is the organisation appointed by the Client for a project to control and manage the pre-construction or design phase of a construction project.

The Principal Designer must be appointed in writing on any project where there is more than one contractor. If this appointment is not made, the sole responsibilities and execution of these duties will default back to the client.

Principal Designers perform an important role within a construction project team, they are able to influence and control how risks to Health and Safety are managed and monitored during a project. Design decisions made during the early phases of a project can impact on the delivery of a project by ensuring high standards of health, safety and welfare are maintained as well as assisting in reducing delays and lowering overall costs of the project.

Principal designer roles and responsibilities include:

Planning, managing, monitoring, and coordinating health and safety in the pre-construction phase ensures that risks are managed throughout the design process

Identifying and resolving health and safety issues

Contributing to the project’s design phase, particularly regarding health and safety factors

Working with the project team, including designers and contractors, to advise and inform about health and safety information and risks

Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations

Informing and advising the client of health and safety duties and requirements

Ensuring collaboration, communication, and coordination across the project team regarding health and safety

Helping to bring together pre-construction information for the design team and project contractors

Preparing the health and safety file

For further information relating to the role of the Principal Designer or bespoke CDM adviser roles please get in touch with us.

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