Project Name: Everything Everywhere (EE)

Client: Everything Everywhere (EE)

Sector: Retail

BWA Service: Benchmarking and FM procurement

Project Details: This commission comprised benchmarking the cost of FM service delivery, the review of the intelligent client function and procurement of Hard FM and General Services Contracts for EE’s UK property portfolio (excluding retail and switch sites) with an option to opt for a consolidated bid from a single Supplier for both Contracts.

BWA’s activities involved:

  1. Benchmarking current FM expenditure;
  2. Assessment of the intelligent client function and development of recommendations;
  3. Development of service delivery options including a feasibility analysis;
  4. Reviewing and recommending amendments and additions to the client’s generic PQQ document including inclusions of a scoring matrix;
  5. Assisting with PQQ return reviews and shortlisting for tender;
  6. Reviewing current specifications, in conjunction with Client’s external Facilities Management company;
  7. Recommending minor amendments to existing contract documentation and schedules for overall consistency and improved clarity;
  8. Developing tender assessment scoring matrix and the split between non-financial / financial assessments;and
  9. Incorporating defined standards maintenance clauses to reinforce existing documentation (SFG20 and also inclusion of defined scope for mothballed buildings via SFG30).
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